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International School of Monterey
190 Seeno Street, Monterey, CA 93940

Due to a campus relocation, the students from this school monitored in two cities:

  • Monterey, CA (2004-2005 school year)
  • Del Rey Oaks, CA (2005-2006 school year)

The site in Monterey was directly behind the school campus and the students named it "Dolphin Brook".

The other sites they monitored were in Del Rey Oaks in Del Rey Park (Del Rey Park, Angelus Way, Del Rey Oaks, CA). The students monitored two sites along the creek: Del Rey Park Creek-Bridge and Del Rey Park Creek-Guage. This gave students a comparison along the creek. The creek drains into Laguna Grande in Seaside, CA and then into the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.


Martin Luther King Jr. Academy, Salinas

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Academy
925 N. Sanborn Rd., Salinas, CA 93905

The students monitored at two sites in Natividad Creek. The sites are named Natividad Outfall and Natividad Creek. In this way, discharge from the storm drain (outfall) is compared to water flowing in the creek.


Everett Alvarez High School
1900 Independence Blvd., Salinas, CA

Gabilan Creek is directly across the street from the school. Students monitored 2 sites: Gabilan Creek and Coventry outfall. This way students could compare discharge from the outfall and the creek.




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